Early Parenting Support Services
is founded on my belief that well-rounded  information, resources, community, and  compassionate support helps parents feel more confident, relaxed, and more connected to their children. When parents are supported, they can better understand and appreciate the joys and challenges children experience while growing up.


4 Responses to About

  1. Angela says:

    Hello there do you have online classes? I live in Florida.

    • aparentspath says:

      Hi Angela! So nice of you to ask. I’d love to create online classes. I hope to at some point. Hey, If I can start to write regularly in this blog, that’s a start. Let me know what you would like to see in an online class. Thanks again for asking. So glad you found me!

      • Angela Patrick says:

        Well there is nothing in particular. I guess just a little gathering of parents to talk about things that parents go through in life with children I guess LOL. I think that maybe your blog could have a topic and who ever would be interested in it would join. Or something like to help assist people in parenting like dealing with behavior, school ,church, sports, everyday life ect… Oh you know what there is this website called blogtalk radio you should check it out and tell me what you think about it. I go on their to listen to lectures and things of that nature. That may be a good place to start:) Thanks for getting back with me:) Hope to hear from you soon!

      • aparentspath says:

        Great! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check out blogtalk radio. All the best Angela.

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