Birth Stories…

I love birth stories. Not sure exactly why, but ever since I was a teenager I have loved hearing about birth. When I was in college I took a class on Birth and wrote a paper on babies dreaming in utero. Kind of weird, but I was fascinated that babies actually have REM sleep even before they are born. Amazing!

So, listening to birth stories reminds me of how powerful this experience of birth really is. So different for each of us, and yet still such an important way we can process what happened. It is in the telling, over and over that we can find insight and awareness and sometimes peace and acceptance.

Birth is unpredictable. We prepare, but rarely does it happen as we thought it would go. Learning how to flow with the process is what it’s all about. Easier said than done and when all is said and done we sometimes are left with pieces of the experience that feel unfinished or painful. Not always. There’s also great power in telling the good parts too. Empowering in fact. It’s the whole of the experience that is so valuable in remembering.

And not just for the mama. Dads and partners benefit from telling about their experience of birth too. It can be so intense to witness! Having a safe, supportive space to tell the story from all perspectives is a great opportunity to be heard and to make sense of what happened.

That’s why I’m offering a group called Birth Stories at the Santa Cruz Village the first Sunday of every month from 1-3pm. I wanted to create a space for this important life event to be told, heard and felt. I know it’s not always easy to share something so personal, but knowing that there is a place to do so, in the company of someone who absolutely loves to hear birth stories, can be worth getting over ones fear for.

If you want to join me and Maddie Kerrick, a wonderful, kind, supportive, super smart post-graduate student at UCSC studying this very subject, then come on down to the Village and join us in sharing Birth Stories!

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About aparentspath

I've been a mom for close to 30 years, but have been mothering for many more years than that. My background is in Early Childhood Education and Development, Parent Education, Childbirth Education, Postpartum Doula work, Breastfeeding support, Massage, Nutrition, Dance, and Music. Yes, I've dabbled in many areas of life, but the theme that runs through it all is my love and interest in how we humans communicate our feelings, and how we find balance and a sense of well-being in our lives, starting from the very beginning.
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