Beginning again…

Dear Reader,
It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything to my blog so I feel like I’m starting over. This is not a new experience for me. Though I have been working in the field of parenting babies for many years the structure of that work has changed many times.

I’ve been interested in what it means to parent little ones since before I became a parent, which was almost 30 years ago. I like to remember my beginnings as it keeps me in touch with the root of what has drawn me to this subject for so long. I like beginnings. I’ve been interested in how a baby develops since I went to Cabrillo College in Aptos and studied early childhood education and development. Along with infant development came my interest in the development of becoming a parent. So, it’s been over 30 years of talking about, reading, listening and exploring this important  subject.
Not that I have it figured out. I don’t. Not that I think I know better than you what is best for your child. I don’t. But I’m deeply interested in the conversation about the relationship that develops between child and parent. I have been teaching, consulting, and participating in that conversation wearing many different hats. From infant care to running groups, classes and training’s, to being the director of a non profit for parents, to consulting on sleep issues- I have worn many hats. I have taken “beginners mind” to a whole new level. I still don’t think I know much. I still don’t think I  know what the best answers are to parenting dilemmas. But I continue to have a deep interest in the conversation, and in helping parents find solutions that work best for their family.

Sleep, feeding, behavior- these are the jumping off places for those conversations. They occupy most of a parents hours in the first two years and beyond. Those first two years are  where I’ve spent most of my time working. What is happening at the beginning of a child’s life? What are they getting used to, what helps them feel safe and secure, what can parents do to be as present and responsive as possible without losing themselves in the process?
This dialog is the crux of my career. I don’t have absolute answers, but I do have an ability to listen and reflect and can help you find the answers and steps forward that will be best for you.

My intention is to be attentive and respectful of all members of a family. My intention is to be of support as you navigate this path- this parents path. It can be hard work and sometimes lonely and isolating. Babies are amazing little beings, but they can also be exhausting and very fluid in their needs and wants. They are growing and changing at a staggering rate and need a great deal of stability and reassurance that they are safe and okay. That takes a kind of strength that is often not acknowledged. Parents stretch in ways that are sometimes ridiculously hard. Feeling supported goes a long way to helping with fatigue, and uncertainty.

I can’t take away your struggles, but I can suggest things that might help and my suggestions will be backed with research, education, experience, observation, and intuition. I will walk this path with you for as long as you like. I will point out the landmarks and pitfalls and I will listen as you find your way.

I’d like to continue this conversation here as well as in my private practice as a sleep consultant and parent educator in beautiful, though drought ridden Santa Cruz California. Please reach out with questions, thoughts, and impressions of your own.

Welcome to A Parents Path!



About aparentspath

I've been a mom for close to 30 years, but have been mothering for many more years than that. My background is in Early Childhood Education and Development, Parent Education, Childbirth Education, Postpartum Doula work, Breastfeeding support, Massage, Nutrition, Dance, and Music. Yes, I've dabbled in many areas of life, but the theme that runs through it all is my love and interest in how we humans communicate our feelings, and how we find balance and a sense of well-being in our lives, starting from the very beginning.
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